February 13th, 2005

Icons aho!

Today I have for you:
# 4 Pretty Guardian SailorMoon
# 2 Final Fantasy X-2
# 1 Final Fantasy X
# 1 Koda Kumi
# 1 Full Metal Alchemist
# 1 Sparkly Brush Set

( HERE! )
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As Suggested~

Ironically, after I wrote that, the images worked again. :(
And there they go again :/
Edit to see if they'll actually show up for a second... ... and FAIL!
Click here to see them, since GW is sucky atm

Well, people came to me, asking about anti-valentine's day Icons.

And here I am, delivering them!

Well, I think they're anti-love/boys/girls/coupling in general, but, eh.

Please Leave A (Nice) Comment.
I won't hunt you down for a credit, but it's appreciated it you do.
Images were found all over the internet, 4chan.org, or captured by me.

{Final Fantasy 7}
1- Aeris

{Parasite Eve}
1 - Unknown

{La Pucelle}
1 - Dark Eclair

{Lineage 2}
1 - Dark Elf

1 - ???

{Misc. Anime}
8 - Anti-Romance
4 - Choral


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