February 24th, 2005


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Another batch!

This batch is quite interesting. most of the icons were submitted to icontests. Hope you like!

- ALWAYS credit to _charmedgrlox
- NO direct linking..or I shall smite you.
- DON'T edit textless icons.. I will do it for you, unless you get permission from me.
- PLEASE comment if you like / take any of teh icons and I shall build a shrine for you!

 FFVII.. 1.   FFVIII.. 11.   FFIX.. 22.   FFX/X-2.. 24. ..and there is a random one of Busted and link that was made for my friend.

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WoW, Reindeer
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More Stuff. Warning, though.

My host has been kinda uppity, so if the images don't work (ironically, if I create an HTML file with the same icons on my desktop, they work!), try going here: 100x100 Icon page. If you go there then hit the back button, it should make these images show too. Weird.

And because I've got a lot of images, I prefer to use photobucket for things like contests that need the reliable hosting.

Final Fantasy 8
2 Edea

Final Fantasy 9
1 Garnet

Final Fantasy X
1 Biran Ronso
1 Yuna's Father

Final Fantasy X-2
1 LeBlanc
1 Duo [Lenne and Yuna]

Xenosaga 2
1 Chaos

Star Ocean 3
1 Duo [Shounen-Ai Warning][Dunno their names :P]

1 Anko
1 Sasuke
2 Ten-Ten

Fullmetal Alchemist
1 Random
3 Maes Hughes
1 Lust
1 Winry
1 Riza Hawkeye
1 Ed

Sailor Moon
2 Sailor Mercury


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And then Aeryn made icons. She saw that it was goooooood.

All made within the last hour due to pms angst, and boredom associated with that angst.
7 x Kingdom Hearts
5 x Final Fantasy X-2
Total: 12 icons of gooooooodness.

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Comment and credit either hiritai  or __gunner  if you use ^^

Have a nice day and don't feed the vacuum cleaner.