February 26th, 2005

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A few Legendary Frog and Super Flash Bros. Flash Cartoon icons. :)

All artwork (c)Joseph Blanchette and Super Flash Bros.

On todays agenda...
[x1]Ark Friends Only Banner
[x2]Cid Chorus Line
[x3]Final Fantasy X South Park
[x1]Zell Dincht
[x2]Solid Snake
[x3]Metal Gear Solid Friends Only Banners
[x1]Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja


( In the latest report from the IRIS network... )



My first set of icons - i decided to start out with FF6/3 icons as i haven't seen many around.
Please credit me in keywords if you use any of my icons.
Any feedback would be great - i'd love to know what people think. ^^

8 FF6 Icons


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