March 5th, 2005

Icons for you!!

Hey Hey! Savannna's Back with more icons for you guys! Yup Yup~! But first, I re did the layout a bit for higher resolution users. Right now I'm at 1024X768. It should look something like this: Yep! But if anyone sees something else can you PLEASE give me a screenshot of it and send it to me VIA AIM? My screen name is Doctor Neko. Or you can upload it somewhere and give me the URL of it! Yaya~! Thank you!
NOW! On to the icons!

Today I have for you:
  • 2 Love Hina
  • 3 Final Fantasy X-2
  • 2 Amy Lee
  • 2 Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
    Total: 9

    ( Here!! )

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