March 21st, 2005


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These are really different from my other icons, being that they're bright and larger text.
Yay for readable text!
9 x Final Fantasy (X, X-2, VII - Advent Children, VIII, XII)
5 x Random (Ah! My Goddess, Kingdom Hearts, Wolfs Rain, Mulan)
Total - 14 icons

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I like most of these. Mostly.
Enjoy, comment and credit either hiritai or __gunner if you use..
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Hello everyone. I have come, after getting new brushes (thanks to soporficial!!) and learning a few new techniques. I come bearing icons!!!

Under the cut:

Angelina Jolie
Kim Possible
Final Fantasy VII: AC
Various Anime/Angels/Gawthic


Image hosted by Image hosted by

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I don't ask for credit, or comments, but they make me fuzzy inside. You MAY use the blank ones as bases if you life.

Also, check out the User info for the community; it's been updated.



(PS- This is x-posted to all the communities I put icons onto.)
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