April 3rd, 2005

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Hello there,

Long time lurker. I decided to finally join. I love looking at what people make. I don't know how prolific I will be with making icons, but hey, it's something that can keep me using Photoshop often.

No icons this post; I haven't made any with Final Fantasy yet.

Bases to the hugest degree

Okay guys. This is the hugest post EVER.

Under this cut I bring to you a hundred and fifty anime, fantasy and final fantasy bases. I'm not categorising them, because that would take forever. Feel free to customise as you wish, since these are bases.

Same rules as usual, credit is not necessary, comments welcome and appreciated 'cause they make me feel appreciated and warm n' fuzzy.


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Enjoy, everyone. ^_^

<3 Thousandfeather

PS: X-posted to all of the communities I'm a member at.
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