April 6th, 2005


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New batch. i love this one. one of my favs :) got alot of icons.. like ffvii, ffviii, ffx, ffx2, KH, zelda and randomness. hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

- ALWAYS credit to _charmedgrlox
- NO direct linking..or I shall smite you.
- DON'T edit textless icons.. I will do it for you, unless you get permission from me.
- PLEASE comment if you like / take any of teh icons and I shall build a shrine for you!

Preveiw: (46 in total)

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In my LJ! =)

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Okay, we're going to advertise these again mainly because I was sad when my host went down. I restored everything though.

I have thirty nine Final Fantasy icons.


08. 21. 37.

( Fake Cut )

There are 62 icons behind the fake cut. It might slow your computer down.

or kill my server.