April 17th, 2005

Naruto- running water

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101 Bases for everyone to share!
You may notice that some of these bases aren't just crops from the image.. That's because I decided to have fun with PSP and try and "spice" up the images a little. I tried to leave them mostly recognizeable! Honest!

1 Witch Hunter Robin
56 Shoujo Kakumei Utena
3 Fullmetal Alchemist
1 Final Fantasy X
2 Final Fantasy X-2
2 Constantine
33 Celebrity (Asia Carrera)
1 Ah! Megami-sama


(Follow this revolutionary Cut! )

I'm gonna make at least one icon for every one of these bases.. When I'm done that.. these bases will be deleted from my hard drive.. and I'll make more. When I get another batch of 100 bases. THESE will be deleted from my photobucket account - so grab'em while you can!
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I have been trying for like the last two hours to think of something for this icon to say and I am just drawing a blank. I've tried a million things...but nothing looks good. *sigh* It is a freaking hilarious picture of Tidus....and I want it to say something. (It's actually from the scene where he and Yuna laugh on the S.S. Liki) He just has this devious, scheming look on his face and it makes me giggle. If someone could write something funny on it can I see it? I will be forever in your debt.

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