April 25th, 2005

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Here goes my first real post. I hope you enjoy what I've done so far.

*No credit necessary, but it is highly appreciated
*Edit them if you like
*No Hotlinking

4 Final Fantasy ones
(1 Fuijin, 2 Quistis, and I'm reposting Vivi)

3 random
(1 Jay and Silent Bob, 1 Kill Bill, 1 X-Men)
(Side note- all the ranom ones I've used at some point for myself. I want to "release them into the wild" now.)


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Naruto- running water

53 Icons~

A TON (53) of icons! Whee

1 - Constantine
4 - Fullmetal Alchemist
3 - Final Fantasy X
1 - Ah! Megami-sama
6 - Shoujo Kakumei Utena
1 - Random
37- Celebrity (Asia Carrera)


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~Sing For Me!~

Comments LOVED, Credits not neccesary, but appreciated!
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Kingdom Hearts Icons

Bases from whiteoblivion. Thank you for the awesome bases!

Under the cut:

26 Kingdom hearts icons, variations.


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Sorry for the bad quality of icons. I haven't really been on "on the ball" lately. Check out more creations at feathericons. This has been x-posted at all relevant communities I am a member at.

Credit is really nice, but optional, as are comments. Enjoy. ^_^

♥ Feather.
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