May 15th, 2005

Delena // My brother's keeper dance

First shot...

No bases this time. I've made bases of Trigun characters, which can be found at my graphic journal, crystal_dust. Anywho, I tried making icons (instead of bases) and I think they turned out pretty well. They pretty much look the same, but there are some differences. ^_^ Comment and Credit as always ^_^

[2] Versions of Yuna
[2] Versions of Lenne
[1] Version of Rikku


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On todays agenda...
[x31]Final Fantasy 7
[x5]Final Fantasy 8
[x8]Final Fantasy 10
[x7]Final Fantasy 10-2
[x12]Resident Evil
.3 headers
[x1]Legend of Dragoon
[x1]Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
[x14]Tomb Raider
[x10]Metal Gear Solid
.1 layout
[x5]Kingdom Hearts
.1 header, 1 FO banner
[x1]Franz Ferdinand
[x7]Random Insults
[x1]Penny Arcade
[x1]Girl Gamers
[x1]Beyond Good and Evil
[x1]Postal Service


In the latest report from the IRIS network...

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