May 30th, 2005


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3 x Star Wars.epIII:ROTS
11 x Final Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts
4 x Legend of Zelda - Random/Wind Waker/ Twilight Princess.. omg.. twilight!
7 x Ayumi Hamasaki
4 x Full Metal Alchemist
1 x Card Captor Sakura
2 x King of Bandit Jing
5 x Sloane Tanen
37 - Total

jump for 'em, c'mon.. jump! )
Videogames♥LOZ Midna Regret

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Hi all. I found 2 Friends Only banners (Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts) awhile ago. If either were made by you please comment so I can give you credit. Thanks!

Also, I have a few icons that are uncredited... please let me know if any of these are yours.

Sorry! =/

Banners/icons can be found at jinxhart.