June 2nd, 2005


New layout,

It's up, it's pretty.

FINALLY, after much confusion on my part, and with a lot of help from blackrose_icons, THE NEW LAYOUT IS UP!! The only problem I have right now, is that sometimes Squall's black jacket covers up some text, but I'm still experimenting with colors. I also don't know about the green post "dividers" yet. I may eventually completely do away with them. They DO cover up part of the words "Final Fantasy". But I dunno.

ALSO I have a BIG batch of stuff coming up. At least it's big for me, not really for the people who post 30+ icons at a time ^_^;;

AND! I have this huge new feature in the works, but I'm gonna keep it secret for now :P SO KEEP VISITING!

Welcome to the future of the ff_icon_shoppe.
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