June 26th, 2005

Icons and FO banners

I'm new here, so I'm a bit nervous about posting, but here goes...
5 Final Fantasy icons: 2 Rinoa, 1 Yuna, 1 Rydia, 1 SquallxRinoa (dance), 1 Aeris
3 Star Ocean icons: child Maria, AlbelxNel, Rena
4 Saga Frontier icons: Asellus, AsellusxZozma, Emelia, Annie
4 Friends Only banners: AlbelxNel, Asellus and White Rose, Annie (Saga Frontier), SquallxRinoa (dance)
EDIT: I added another FO banner of Rinoa's wings (the post I linked to isn't quite full yet so I'm adding stuff to it as I finish it)

Preview icon: