July 17th, 2005

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yeah, okay, so i was gone for like 91834793186983 years. ...all right, so more like 2 weeks. but anyway. in that entire time, i only managed to make four icons for my challenge thinger over at iconfiend100. i rock. aside from this, i got a new monitor, and it shows all the colors the way they should be (as opposed to my old one, which screwed up colors like whoa... red was black, ahaha). some of my past icons suck more than i thought they did to begin with. ;D but oh well. i redid #012 from my iconfiend100 post, but i've posted it in my icon journal as a regular icon. i didn't replace my original #012 with it. but whatever. i ramble because it's habitual. here's some icons for you.


01. 02. 03.

this aforementioned [ regular post ] does have a link to the iconfiend100 icons. and, yes sirs and ma'ams, i plan on doing more for that challenge. i'm just a professional slacker. like i have the time to do work. :P