July 30th, 2005



My first batch of FF bases. Yay! Anyhew, These are from the tiniest first bit of the game, from the opening 'to zanarkand' sequence, until you meet Rikku for the very first time. There are some from the FMV and some from the in-game shiz.
Yay for in-game icons!
Auron, Tidus, a couple of Yuna and Al-Bhed Rikku. ANYWAY!

30 Final Fantasy X bases (including in-game captures)

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So, um, like, comment and credit if you use, takes ages to make bases. that and my computer died half way through the making of these, so be appreciative, ya?
ALSO.. If anyone wants a particular part of FFX base-afied just leave a comment and I'll try to include that part in my next base post. I'm aiming to get the whole game done anyway, to make it easier for my icon making. And yours, of course ^^
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