August 29th, 2005

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Here I am once again. With probably my last post for a while. I only have ten days left of my free trial of PSP Studio and I need to focus on making more icons for another community. So without further adeu(sp?), here are my icons!

FFX: 1
Misc.: 3

Total icons: 21

Preview: Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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All bases except for #1 were cropped and sized by me using images from Base #1 was provided by crystal_dust. Image for icon #3 was provided by trinityheart89. All brushes/gradients except for icons #7 and 9 were provided by gerlstar. Brushes for 7 and 9 were made by me using an old desktop wallpaper.

Comment, credit, no hotlinking, enjoy, and have a great day!

Note: Textless icons may be used as bases if you wish!
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