September 6th, 2005

Lady GaGa: Pokerface
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Hii. I have a small request. I realize that each of these communities I'm cross-posting to are icon communities. But I was wondering if, by chance, I could be helped anyway. If not, that's quite all right.

Anyway. My dilemma;
I can make LJ layouts and graphics and what not, but recently I've adapted to a much busier schedule and so cannot do as I am about to request.

My friend can make a layout for me, I already asked and all, however, I need a header. I would like it to be TidusxYuna. Either the moment in Collapse ) Or in the second game Collapse ). ^^; I'm all up into the lovey-dovey thing right now. -- So that's pretty much the only request I have. Other than the header to be gorgeous (which I'm sure it will be) and to have some kind of romantic text on it. For like.. long-awaited lohvers or something. (I sound lame, I know. But it's all because my boyfriend and I just got back together. (We had dated a year and a half previously, broke up for a time and recently got back.) So I'm girlie. xD)

But yeah, since these are icon communities, generally, I understand if my request can't be filled. I only decided to come to these communities for this request because many of the most talented people I've seen attend these. o.o That sounds mean, but it wasn't, I promise. x_x; <3 So thank you very much in advance for your time and space. <33


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