September 17th, 2005


icons, yaya!

I haven't been making icons lately, my bad ^^
Exams are really intense at the moment, and I'm not even a senior XD
Anyway, I've been making many icons today, mainly Advent Children (omg).. but a few others.


18 x Final Fantasy
1 x Kingdom Hearts 2
Total - 19 icons (omg ew)

(fake what?)
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It's only 1 icon... but I'll post it here anyway. ^^;; Advent Children batch coming soon!!

1 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
1 Tales of Symphonia
1 Utada Hikaru
2 Aya Ueto
1 BoA
1 Rose McGowan

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FF7:AC Request

So has anyone made icons of Aeris from the movie yet? And I'm not talking about the bust-only screens that were released beforehand.

Irony of ironies, i just watched the raw of the movies and don't understand a word of Japanese. :D Thanks, and sorry I have no icons to share.