December 14th, 2005



I think I'm about the laziest icon maker on LJ. Mwuhahaha. No, I've just been uber busy. But I made a few, so don't panic.
I don't like any of them, so don't pinch me to death if they aren't up to your standards ^^
10 x Final Fantasy (various)
4 x Kingdom Hearts
1 x Maaya Sakamoto
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basch - desert
  • gunshou

32 assorted icons, mostly final fantasy

comments are loved, credit is nice but not mandatory. textless icons are not bases, but i wouldn't be horrified if you added text.   please don't claim them as your own work.  DO NOT HOTLINK!

[3 nonfandom] [3 harry potter] [7 FF7, AC, LO] [4 FF8]
6 FF10, 10-2, 12] [10  FF10-2 Paine's Dresspheres]


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links are to my icon journal.
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