January 3rd, 2006

[MISC] flower

101 Reno & Rude Icons


[x] Subject: Reno / Rude (Final Fantasy VII / Advent Children / Last Order / Before Crisis)
[x] Themes (if any): Love, Hate, Black & White, Colourful, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Numbers, Music, Wet, Dry, Lonely, Patient, Impatient, Low, High, Dark, Bright, Simple, Complicated, Letters, Food, Delight, Sad, Joyful, Intense, New, Serious, Dumb, Fight, The Best, The Worse,
[x] Sharing Information: Comment and credit darkranger @ LJ or raynebowranger @ GJ if using (Textless are NOT bases)
[x] Other Information: My brush / texture / font resources are listed in my user info. Doujinshi credits at the bottom of the post.
[x] Warning: Mild language, slight male x male

Date Started: 08/12/05
Date Finished: 02/01/06

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