January 15th, 2006


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I'm not quite sure what qualifies as a spoiler for KH2, so I'll just say that there are icons from the intro in it. Does the intro have spoilers? I dunno. But I don't like the new theme song as much as the last. I'm so excited for the new game, and argh, I can't wait til freakin March! *sigh* Roxors or Roxas or whoever he is look interesting. Haha, his hair is like a pernament cow lick. But I think Riku is becoming my favorite character.

New Zelda also comes out in March, though. I don't have a gamecube, so I'm just gonna spend all my time at my friend's house and mooch off hers. It'll be a fun month, we're both obsessed with KH and Zelda. Gonna go crazy. Anyway, I know you all care about my personal life and such, but I'll stop now.

One last thing! Just going to mention again that I like doing requests. It's fun, so if you want an icon, click here and I'd be happy to make you one. Yay!

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