March 7th, 2006

basch - desert

26 icons - Rikku, FFX-2

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[x] the gorgeous textures are from dearest and anais_dirge

I wanted to experiment with the desaturated, selective color style. Here are twenty-six icons: one for each of Rikku's dresspheres and at least one variation with text.


( it's all in the wrist )
link is to my icon journal
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FFX/X-2 icons + pimps

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( all at my icon journal )

Also...I didn't see anything in the rules about advertising, and figured this would be a great place to pick up some new members for a few icontests. All are Final Fantasy or video game related and could use more members and higher participation.

**ff_lims : a Final Fantasy themed Last Icon Maker Standing challenge; Round One is in progress, but sign-ups for future rounds start now!**

vg_awards : a video game icontest (base challenge); currently on Week 04 (YuRiPa)
ff_abc : a lyrical Final Fantasy icontest; currently on Week 11 (K)
ffx_awards : a Final Fantasy X icontest; currently on Week 07 (Provided Images)
mog_awards : a Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts icontest; currently on Week 20 (Eyes)
squenix_awards : a Square Enix icontest; currently on Week 10 (One Color)

Hopefully some of you will join...I know there's a lot of you I'd like to see at these challenges! ♥