June 19th, 2006

☆ your boots are far more sexual

Random Variations

It's the attack of the variations! Mostly inspired by the ever popular 10variations community, which I'm too lazy to join (deadlines are of absolute relative), there are only a few actual icons. All of the Yuna (FFX) icons you see are based on the rules of 10variations. But anyway, yeah. VARIATIONS AHOY.

Anyhow, bonus if you can spot the tiny changes in the icons (Yeah, I know that's cheap. XD)!

Also included are 10 icons entirely based on a tutorial that I found shiny looking and wanted to try out. You can find that tutorial here.

Final Fantasy X: 39
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: 10
Final Fantasy VIII: 9
Kingdom Hearts II: 11
Loveless: 2

Total: 71!


More Icons Ahoy.

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