September 29th, 2006

Requests-not too many of these, huh?

Hey everyone! Me being the insane Yuffie fan girl that I am, I have a simple request!

Okay. So maybe it's not THAT simple....but it's still a request! Or a challenge. x3 Whichever will get you guys motivated!

Anyways, here's the scoop! I'm in DIRE need of Yuffie icons. Yes. Just Yuffie icon...okay....well no. NOT just Yuffie icons. Though icons of just Yuffie are great! Wonderful! Gorgeous! Smexy!

But no. As much as I'd love any Yuffie icons you guys make, I have a few requests.

So, like pay attention and all that jazz-cause here's where it gets juicy!

I. Yuffie/Squall icons. <3 Corresponding Signatures loved.

II. Yuffie/Reno icons. <3 Corresponding Signatures loved.

III. Yuffie/Vincent icons. <3 Corresponding Signatures loved.

IV. Yuffie/Riku icons. <3 Corresponding Signatures loved.

VI. Yuffie/Cloud icons. <~~~ I'm not too big on this Pairing but I wouldn't mind having some around. <3 Corresponding Signatures loved.

VII. Vincent/Yuffie/Reno. <3 Corresponding Signatures loved.

VIII. Yuffie/Sasuke icons. Yes, you SOO TOTALLY read that right. I did say Yuffie/Sasuke. Or Saffie as I like to call it. Am I honestly the first person to like this pairing? Well, eat my spleen with a dull metal spork all you want-I'd still want icons of this!

So. What are your rewards for making me any of the above? My eternal gratitude. Enslaving me for whatever purposes you want. Me drawing you whatever you want. o.o Did I mention being your slave and eternally grateful?

Ah, well! I really hope someone picks up this challenge and get's motivated to help me and my Yuffie-Icon collection out.

Thanks in advance guys! <3

~Tears of Purity

P.S. I hope this is okay. If not just tell me and i'll delete my request. o.o