November 29th, 2006

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My name's Sammie and I'll be your newbie for today ^_^

Today's newbie is bought to you courtesy of the wonderful modern_love


Set 1


Set 1 = mostly textless/english text icons and can be found HERE.

Set 2


Set 2 = mostly Kanji text icons (translations in file names) and can be found HERE.
Worried, Rain Summoner, FF Tactics, Doomed

Icon Post: Final Fantasy 3 DS (11 icons)

After three attempts over several days at the final dungeon, each progressing a little further but all ending in failure an hour past the most recent possible save point, actually playing FF3 is kind of a turn-off. So I made icons instead.

If you want any, please comment and credit. My other icons can be found here and here.

2. /// 5. /// 9.

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