January 28th, 2007

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[001-012] Zodiac Signs
[013-021] Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
[022-030] Hilarie Burton
[031-032] Sophia Bush
[033-043] One Tree Hill *stills* 4x12
[044-045] Avatar: The Last Airbender (#45 includes matching sig at bottom of post)
[046-051] Final Fantasy X *stills and animations*
[052-100] One Tree Hill animations 4x11, 4x12
[101-112] Mandy Moore
[113-120] Random Quotes (mainly humorous)
[6] Banners: Lucas and Peyton, Hilarie Burton (a.k.a- Peyton), Mandy Moore and Shane West, 2 Sophia Bush, matching Zutara sig with #45 icon.

[x] Comments are love (Especially on whether this new style is working or not and which icons are taken or most loved)
[x] Credit ttrulytt or obsessive_art if taking ANY icons
[x] DO NOT bash any couple/shipping/person/fandom/etc.!
[x] Friend obsessive_art for more updates :D


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