February 20th, 2007

Lady GaGa: Pokerface
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Hnn. I'm not entirely sure if this is alloooowed, but, you'll benefit from it, I swear.

I need to find some sources for Kingdom Hearts pictures, (primarily girls, please and from the games only), pleeaaase. :D

I have a female characters (games only) 100 claim at 100_kingdom that I need to start/finish. I thought I had a lot more images than I atually do. D:

And I prommiiise I'll post the icons here, too. [bribe]

=) Thank you.

(I'll highlight the FF character icons for you. <3)
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KH2 [20]
FF7:Dirge of Cerberus [16]
FF12: Revenant Wings [25]
FF12 [3]
FF13/Versus [16]

Disneyland [4]
Never Mind the Buzzcocks (THE Preston episode and 20x1) [15]
Monkey Island [8]
Mario Brothers Movie [2]
Marie Antoinette [44]
Wicked Quotes/theatres [110]

Here at ame_icons