May 11th, 2007

  • remiem

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65 FFXII icons (lots of variations and lots of Larsa)
3 FFXII layouts (LarsaxAshe, LarsaxPenelo)
3 FFXII wallpapers (Penelo, Larsa)
2 FFXII FO banners (to match the layouts)

( You say there's some things you just can't control )

9 misc video game icons (FF, SO3)
6 misc real people icons (Ellen Woglom, Ziyi Zhang, Samantha of ANTM)
5 wallpapers (Heroes, Samantha of ANTM, LanaxClark of Smallville, NelxAlbel of Star Ocean 3, CloudxAeris of FFVII)

( Don't you see that you knew I was here all along? )