May 16th, 2007

Plz don't remove my head!

Big batch of icons, coming through!

If you wish to take any, don't forget to credit/comment. Thank yas.

Resident Evil

-7 Ada Wong icons
-1 Ada and Krauser icon
-5 Leon S. Kennedy icons
-19 Rebecca Chambers icons (Some of them are PB: Rachel Leigh Cook.)
-12 Claire Redfield icons
-42 David Trapp icons (Most of them are PB: David Beckham.)
-33 John Andrews icons (Most of them are PB: Denzel Washington.)


-1 Balthier icon


-9 Squall Leonhart icons


-1 RedXIII icon
-2 Cid Highwind icons
-1 Reno icon
-1 Reno and Rude icon


-8 Tidus icons


-1 Amaterasu icon
-1 Issun icon
-2 Amaterasu/Issun icons


-26 Ayato Kamina icons
-14 Haruka Shitow icons
-2 Ayato/Haruka icons
-1 Ayato/Mishima icon
-3 Mishima icons
-14 Elvy Hadhiyat icons
-2 Elvy/Haruka icons

Elfen Lied

-6 Nana icons


-1 Jake icon

Sly Cooper

-28 Sly Cooper icons
-17 Inspector Carmelita Fox icons
-3 Sly/Carmelita icons
-2 Mz. Ruby icons

Legend of Dragoon

-4 Rose icons
-2 Lloyd icons

Kingdom Hearts

-9 Riku icons
-23 Donald Duck icons
-10 Goofy icons
-5 Jiminy Cricket icons
-3 Donald/Goofy icons

"Billy" by Whitley Streiber

-2 Billy Neary icons
-2 Barton Royal icons

Samurai Jack

-10 Jack icons

Star Fox

-1 Fox McCloud icon

Beast Wars Transformers

-1 Megatron icon
-1 Cheetor icon
-3 Dinobot icons
-2 Terrorsaur icons