July 1st, 2007

Hyung Tae Kim art

I hope this is allowed

Some of you might remember my old posts here and the fact that there have been a lot of broken graphics for quite some time (because I had to shut down my icon page due to massive direct-linking). Now that all of the icons are up at photobucket and direct-linking is no problem anymore, I just wanted to let you know that all the FF goodness is back... And as some of you probably have never actually seen these before, I'll just point you to the goodies (again)... ^_^ Enjoy!! Follow the links to the icon posts at my icon journal.

t e a s e r s


{125 icons} FFX & FFX-2

{37 icons} FFXII

{86 icons} FFVII Advent Children

{15 icons} FFVIII

{04 icons} FFIX

{22 icons} The Spirits Within