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Oldschool RPG Love

'Allo, just joining...

Wanted to whore out my new isLove, so... here it is!

Final Fantasy 3/6 is Oldschool RPG Love!
created by jasaniavatar

Here's the exposed code, for your convenience:

Like it, steal it, comment about it, credit it. Spread the oldschool FF love!

  • Yuna (PS2)

    FINAL FANTASY X-2 (YUNA) ICONS ⋄ 244 icons HERE @ Dreamwidth.org ⋄

  • ffx-2 (ps2)

    icon count : 24 canon : ffx-2 notes : yuna's original ps2 model { Right this way over at Dreamwidth }

  • ff

    icon count : 56 canon : final fantasy vii remake notes : cloud strife, aerith gainsborough, barret wallace in the ff7 remake trailer {…

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