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Hello! New Person Bearing Final Fantasy Gifts!

Hello! I'm Michi, and I'm new here. Once I referenced here by the lovely shinjitsu, I knew I had to join! So, here I come bearing my first song-set, using FFX-2 images.

1. Comment.
2. Credit sanctuarymemory.
3. Share.
4. Don't Steal.
5. Enjoy.

Behind the first cut, we have the lovely song lyrics for the icons. The song is "Isho" by Cocco.

If I suddenly passed away one day
without any symptoms
pain would flow from your eyes every day
as you suffer from the deepest sadness

an island and that slope with a beautiful night view
where two of us were supposed to go
you would hold the maps with no direction
and blame yourself

I don't need a place to bury my bones
please burn that dress, picture frame,
and everything I used to cherish

please hold my ashes in your hands
release me to the wind
and return my body to that ocean

if something happened
and I became an invalid without even consciousness
and if I didn't wake up from your kiss
then, please...

finish me with your hands
don't turn your eyes away
burn my face into your heart
and close my opened eyes tenderly

somebody will need you someday
you will be loved as I love you
if so, please please be happy
but only when my birthday comes please cry alone at our hill
that ocean we swam naked

please think of me...

And without further ado...

Like what you see? There's more icons over at tsunamichicons!</shameless>

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