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The Final Fantasy Icon Shoppe

Icons R' US

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~<>*<>~ If you whistle....I'll come running ~<>*<>~

Welcome to the FF Icon Shoppe! Feel free to come here and share your masterpieces with other Live Journal Users! But like every shop we DO have rules!

1. NO PUT DOWNS!!! You could ruin someones day and make them cry themself to sleep ._.
2. Follow the person who made the icon's rules. I make icons and i know the frusteration so BE NICE!
3. If your posting more than 4 icons use the LJ cut feature. (Ask if you dont know what this is.)Those on dial up can have a hard time with a lot of pictures with large sizes on one page.
4. Post at least one FF icon if your posting with other non FF icons (This excludes Kingdom Hearts since it features FF characters)

thats it! have fun!

The owner of the shoppe is dementedpancake but i very rarely post on my livejournal so...yeah
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